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Rick Watson, Production Stills
Production Stills (click to enlarge)
Rick and Mickeal Freeland - 3 Days or Else -Jonestown 5
Memento: Carolyn Rose
Rick 5 - Alen Air - Dennis Burnett 0- 2500wx1500
"Zombex" zombie - promo
Blacksmith on NBC's "Revolution"
"Socius Rex" drunkard
Hoss from "Off The Record"
Senior Dating for Dummies
Bokin from "Resurgence"
Creepy Preacher in "Barrow"
Watching rushes at Studio E
Not "Your Favorite Boss"
Fake Moustache aka Best Prop Ever in "Blue Bunny"
"Lonely Old Tracks" upright bassist
"Barrow" with bad attitude and clouds
Commercial set with sidekick
Cowboy Days
Broken Father in "Eddy"
Cowboy Viking
Commercial set as food vendor
Drunk Wifebeater from "An American in Texas" trailer
Lost Highway in the Machete Hearse
"Deer Blind" tough father
Suit and Beard
"Zombex" capture
Screen test in blue sweater
Vengeful Father in "Eddy"
Smoking Preacher in "Barrow"
Skull Ring Puncher in "Vanguard"
"Eddy" Sweaty Dad
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